The river has been a part of human lives since early civilization, such as the Yangtze River and Huang He River (China), the Danube River (Europe), the Niles River (Egypt), and the Chao Phraya River (Thailand).


For thousands of years, the Chao Phraya River has a close relationship with arts, cultures, and Thai people's way of life. During the European colonization period, Thailand (aka. Siam) was never colonized and external influences never occurred. With the country’s existence remain intact, Thailand continuously becomes the main destination for travelers who admire unique cultures. These visitors can be enthralled and experience the alluring beauty of Thai living.

 The Chao Phraya River is considered a symbol of life, a lifeline that flows from the north to the south of Thailand running through communities. A lifeline that foster arts and nurtured local wisdom, which also helps to attract millions of tourists to visit these legendary historical sites.
Khun Rinrada Chinnapornsombat , CEO of Regal Manufacture Co., Ltd. has founded AEVARI, based on her passion and fascination with Thai culture, a country where she calls home. The name AEVARI comes from a blend of the Pali word “AEVA”, which means ‘Origin’ and the Thai word “VARI” which means “River”, combining to become AEVARI “River of Life”. Every creation of AEVARI is crafted to achieve Khun Rinrada's ideal purpose in promoting Thai local beauty and wisdom on a global stage, like a river that flows out to the world. 

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